Meeting the Yier Ngima Support Group in Kenya

Posted 17 November 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

World Vision is one of the biggest NGOs in the world, in the field every day to support compassionate, educational and sustainable actions. Through the Weconomy program of World Vision Finland, we have started a partnership to bring our solar tech to Kenya, showcase the Sol4 oven in two communities and support people’s access to a free, clean and efficient energy.

The Yier Ngima Support Group is producing organic peanut butter and the women could benefit from solar thermal in the drying and roasting processes.

This group is also supporting HIV affected people and orphans in the area and innovates with new activities such as beekeeping and poultry. By helping these groups to thrive in their own businesses, we can support the families’ income generation, empower the women and support the children of these villages.

With the Weconomy program of World Vision Finland and in collaboration with World Vision Kenya and the local women’s groups we will organize next Spring a training session and implementation project.




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