Inspiring Innovation in Pretoria

Posted 12 October 2015 by Lorin Symington.

The Sol4 is done, and the oven won’t be far behind! Excited to get out and show off, we presented the solar concentrator to the students of the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, in the Gauteng region. It is a thriving education center offering students the opportunity to learn about every aspect of entrepreneurialism.

The completed Sol4 demonstrated at Pretoria's Innovation Hub, Johannesburg, South Africa.

We cooked South African boerewors, a dish close to everyone’s heart here. The students were awed by how quickly the boerewors got sizzling; they said the Sol4 was much faster than their electric hotplates at home. Traditionally, if you wanted to cook boerewors you would have a braai and build a bed of burning coals, but since ‘everything is going green’ as one student said, why not have a green braai?

Ideas poured out from these creative minds … So, what could you guys do with a Sol4?
- Low carbon brick making
- Dehydrating peaches from the Western Cape
- Green events catering
- Baking
- Building and selling the Sol4 in the townships... The list goes on...

Baking? Yes, baking. We already have done it in Haiti a few months ago and we’ll soon share more about solar baked bread. Stay tuned!

A crowd of students surrounding Crosby and the newly built Sol4.
The builders of the Sol4 and enthusiastic students from the Innovation Hub.




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