Sol4 Guide Ready for Early Adopters

Posted 5 July 2015 by Urs Riggenbach.

We’ve just finished the first version of the Sol4 guide and now all our Early-Adopters get to download it and start building right away!

As early adopter you get to build first. You get access to the construction guide, and details of the expected budget, time to build and construction notes and tips. On the hub you can ask questions and provide feedback at every step. By building before we release the guides for free, you help us validate the guides and make sure that they are as intuitive as possible.

Building the Builder’s Community
Our Early Adopters are living the mission of - taking our tech to new places. In the coming weeks we’ll be posting about these builders, who they are and what they’re up to. Click here to become a builder.

Join us for the next steps to "Free The Sun"
We are continuing our campaign with the aim to provide free material for people to build their energy independence. The next milestone is the Solar Oven guide, that turns a Sol4 into an oven for baking, roasting and many other activities.

Soon we’ll also finish the first version of the Sol1 guide. The Sol1 guide will also be the guide that we release publicly first, followed by the Sol4 guide.

Make it possible, join "Free The Sun"!

Let’s build!
Urs and the team




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