Wandie’s Place - Going Solar?

Posted 12 November 2015 by Lorin Symington.

Recently, we teamed up with restauranteur Wandile Ndala, owner of Wandies Place, the most famous township restaurant in South Africa. Wandies has played host to everyone from the New Zealand All Blacks to Sir Richard Branson and is a regular stop for nearly every tour bus passing through culturally vibrant and historically rich Soweto.

Wandile and his head chef Mpopo inspect the cooking console

The sun broke through the clouds long enough to show Wandile the power of the Sol4. We heated a huge 21L pot of water, cooked steaks and fried Boerewors sausage. ’Gas and electricity are big costs for us, very big.’ Wandile says. ’It is amazing how powerful this thing is.’

Always the entrepreneur, Wandile is always looking to attract more customers; he suspects that adopting solar energy could be a great way to stand out and get even more attention. ’People know us for our food and music but maybe soon they will know us for this’.

"Just set up on the side of the road; people will love it!" - Wandile Ndala

Wandile is well known in his community for his generosity. He hopes to one day see the Sol4 cooking meals for the students at Sizanani Primary School across the road. ’Right now, people are burning paraffin, coal, candles, dirty things but we have so many natural resources that if we can use them properly we will be doing much much better.’




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