Installing 3 solar ovens in Mwanza Montessori school (Tanzania) in 2021.

The Montessori School and Teacher Training Center Mwanza is an education campus for more than 1000 students. The school provides facilities from nursery school over primary school to secondary school as well as Montessori teacher training. The staff was willing to implement 3 Lytefire and to be trained to solar baking.

In Mwanza’s Montessori school, there is a considerable demand for bread and baked goods already coming from within the institution. Beyond that, the goal is to open a shop in the neighbourhood and sell the solar-baked goods.

Our targeted goals are to create savings for the school with internalization of daily buns production, to reinforce education to climate change to the youth and the pedagogical team, and to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among students and staff. 18 students and 6 staff members have been trained.

After a year, the school is organizing 20 solar baking days per month. Each time 452 buns (80gr each) + 100 cookies (17gr) per day are solar baked, 37.8 kg per day. They bake 9040 buns + 2000 cookies per month (757 kg per month). On this, 352 buns are used for the school and what they don’t have to buy any more bring them 25 Euros per day (500 Euros per month). On top of this, the school is selling 100 cookies (0.08 EUR each) and 100 buns (0.10 EUR each) per day to the students of the school, which creates an earning of 18 Euros per day (260 Euros per month).

2021 is also the year where Lytefire solar solution has been selected as one of the top solutions for canteens of the Global South by EDUCATION FINLAND, the platform of the Finnish National Agency for Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Mwanza Montessori school website is here.



The students in the Montessori School in Mwanza are learning about baking and solar energy
Group shot with the students of the Montessori School
Tasty bread buns baked with the power of the sun
Students are learning how to bake.


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