Before we became a company, none of these fantastic evolutions would have been possible without the support of many dedicated altruists and true dreamers. We apologize for those we forgot in this list.

Aïcha Haddani and Nicolas Aretoulis, association "Solaire Solidaire"

Kaarina and Michael Wissenz - Dani Nobrega - Angus, Tracy and Fraser Symington - Louise Bissonnette - Don Munro - Michael Sacco

Carlos Aballi - Handler Milan

A big thanks to our very first supporters: Will Cleaver, Ed Hines, Denis Mongin, Nikolay Georgiev, Jalil Wahdatehagg, Andreas Gmeiner and Branislav Micovic.
Julia Albertini - Mark Sosson and Halu Tajima - Olivier Vachez - Adriana Uribe - Baptiste Lavigne et l’Association "A demi voix" - Nathan Guérin - Anna Cantavenera - Angélique Boudet - Marc-Olivier Huet - Basile Remaury - Jean-Philippe Verdier - Véronique Prat-Morat - Alain Dorange and Moulin de Busseix eco-village - Christiane and Paul Facq - Dominique and Sylvie Véret - Cristina Webermann - Philippe Hercher and Cécile Zawieja - Olivier Pasteur - La Ferme de Villefavard - Nils Berenguer - Anne Steinlein - l’association Zhiroujia

Orestis Tsakiridis and Ecocyclists

HaitiCommuniterre - Samuel Sanz and local association "Mabouya"

Mr Desai, family and Tinytech team - Arnaud Cretot and Robin Deloof, "Vagabonds de l’Energie"

RV Lhortolat - Lala & Didier Samaké - Marie Testud and co-builders - Ibrahim C Tomota - Karim Sanogo - Sékou Dembele - Konan Venance

Don Reynaldo Perez Vasquez - Ed Shaw - Gustavo Esteva

Maya Universe Academy

Paweł Sroczyński

The Riggenbach family - Stéphane Guillard - Michael Pfluger - Daniel Connel

Ray Menke - Ken Provost - Benjamin Guell




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