With SELF and RHF in Uganda (2022-2023)

We are very happy and humbled to announce a new partnership starting with SELF and RHF who are joining forces to empower victims of rape.

SELF - Solar Electric Light Fund - is a US based NGO financing this project to support Rape Hurts Foundation, created by Hellen Lunkuse W. Tanyinga after a traumatic experience. Even if SELF is primarily focused on electrification, they understand the huge need for direct heat and are happy to support the implementation of Lytefire in Uganda with us. It is in Jinja and Kamuli that the 5 Lytefire units and 5 solar trainings are implemented, to allow young women to embrace a new path in life by becoming "solarpreneurs" (solar entrepreurs using Lytefire).

SELF’s website can be found here, and RHF here.

More info to come during project’s implementation.


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