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Arnaud Crétot is an amazing engineer based in France, he’s also our CTO and a gifted entrepreneur. He studied thermal engineering at PolyTech Nantes. In 2009, he created a small non-profit and starts a trip through Europe and Asia with a friend. In India, he met with Eerik Wissenz and the first Solar Fire prototypes. They shared a deep understanding of the fossil energy issues and the same desire to support vulnerable populations in developing countries because the farmers, the small entrepreneurs and the refugees are not taken into account in big clean tech plans.

In 2014, Arnaud joined the Finnish start-up Solar Fire / GoSol created by Eerik and Eva Wissenz and he became CTO. Since 2016, through many projects with local partners, GoSol has powered several local bakeries in East Africa with great results (read What they say).

To understand better the needs of the users, Arnaud became... an baker artisan. He took a training in baking and started his own bakery in France. This approach allows him to have a local impact where he lives and to understand very precisely the challenges of our baker users. His feedbacks about baking and using organic yeast have been extremely important to create our educational trainings.

Arnaud is very creative and constantly challenging himself with a strong entrepreneur mindset. He’s running now the NeoLoco’s crowd funding campaign to expand solar roasted seeds treats in France.

Right from the beginning, NeoLoco has been featured in several media, such as a national French newspaper.

Watch his campaign video (with English subtitles) :

His video of solar roasted nuts early December in north France :

(picture of Arnaud is submitted to copyright by L. Derouet - Le Parisien)


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