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Since Arnaud Crétot, a French engineer based in France, joined our team in 2014, he has been at the forefront of innovation. Through many projects with local partners, Arnaud participated in the development of Lytefire’s and analysed our data. He followed closely the implementation of the first ovens and roasters in East Africa with great results (read What they say).

To understand better the needs of the users, Arnaud became... an baker artisan. He took a training in baking and started his own bakery in France, NeoLoco. His bread is baked with locally sourced ingredients, using sour dough for better conversation. He also make snacks with solar grilled seeds and a local coffee. This approach allows him to have a direct impact in Normandy and to understand very precisely the challenges of Lytefire’s users. His feedbacks about baking and using organic yeast have been extremely important to create our educational trainings.

NeoLoco is now a well established local activity and Arnaud’s example inspires others in France to become "solarpreneurs".

Right from the beginning, NeoLoco has been featured in several media and gained more and more visibility among the French and international media. Check the News section.

This video presents his activity (English subtitles) and his model :

(picture of Arnaud is submitted to copyright by E. Prodosci


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