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Help the ladies of Goghin to go solar!

Cash is in short supply in the villages, and everyone is buying bread from the city. These dynamic women want to keep that cash in the village and sustainably earn more on top of it. With our Lytefire solar oven they’ll be able to create a thriving and profitable business.


Problem & Solution

There are limited economic activities available in the villages. Given the cost of wood, the lovely ladies of Goghin women’s group can’t compete with commercially baked bread from the city. By using mirrors to concentrate the heat of the sun, and thereby save big on energy costs, they can finally slow the cash drain on their village economy.

Project Plan

Vincent Nikiema of SOS Energy Burkina with Lorin Symington of Lytefire.

This project is in collaboration with Vincent Nikiema, President of the NGO SOS Burkina Energy. Vincent is a pioneer in solar thermal in Burkina Faso and thinks our commercial scale Lytefire tech is exactly what the country needs. We’ve known Vincent for more than 10 years and we are very excited to be able to finally work with him!

With your generous support, together we are going to
- Bring a Lytefire 5 solar oven to Goghin.
- Train 20 women and 5 men how to use the Lytefire
- Train the women how to bake baguettes as well as cakes for extra income.
- Train the women in entrepreneurship best practices so they can maximise
their earnings
- Record pics and vids of this new initiative to help them promote and
market themselves


<p>This project aims to train members of the group of women from Goghin to run one of the first solar bakeries in Burkina Faso. This bakery will use one of GoSol’s Lytefire ovens to bake bread, for sale in their village and the neighboring villages.</p> <p>The bakery will employ at least 6 women to prepare, bake, sell and deliver products baked in the Lytefire oven. The long term objective of this autonomously run project will finance growth to create other bakeries by micro-franchise system across the region.</p> <p>Currently, bread has to be delivered to rural areas from the big cities or from inefficient rural wood burning bakeries. This delivery, or wood fuels, increases the cost of bread. Due to the distance, there are days when the bread is not delivered and is usually not fresh.</p> <p>It involves working with the beneficiary women to:</p> <ol start="1"> <li>Develop a personalized marketing and distribution plan for their region.</li> <li>Establish and monitor cash and profit targets for their location.</li> <li>Outline a growth plan to allow increased sales and profits.</li> <li>Develop human resource policies that have gotten support for bakery workers to improve their standard of living.</li> </ol>

Project Timeline

Because of our presence in Burkina Faso we can launch this project as soon as the crowdfunder is complete.
- Weeks 1-3: build a Lytefire solar oven for this group of female go-getters
- Week 4: Install in Goghin and train a core group of users
- Week 5: Bake up a storm, capture pics and vids for promotion
- Week 6+7: Oversee and monitor, filling in knowledge gaps as they arise


With your support, we will be able to
- Provide jobs that pay cash to up to 20 disadvantaged women in this village 45 minutes from Ouagadougou.
- Support the 150 women who are part of the cooperative since there is a profit sharing mechanism in place.
- Help to support 750 people (estimated using a conservative 5 family beneficiaries per woman)
- Slow the cash drain (local trade deficit) in the village, thereby helping to build the local economy by ensuring that cash stays and circulates in the village (they want to save up to drill a well).

More on impact and outcomesThe geographical position of Burkina Faso makes the country particularly vulnerable to climate change. Located in the Sahel and being a landlocked country, it has suffered extreme climate fluctuations for several decades, notably droughts, floods, heat waves and strong winds.

One of the causes of desertification is the excessive cutting of wood, more than 90% of which is used as fuel; women often have to travel long distances to collect it (an average of 4 hours per day per household as reported by the women themselves). Deforestation leads to the degradation of the soil and the advance of the desert; the land is thus more vulnerable to heavy rain in the wet season and high temperatures and intense dustiness in the dry season.

Rural populations use only wood and charcoal because other sources of energy (gas, oil, etc.) are too expensive, despite the national subsidy on LPG. Most housewives use traditional fireplaces, which consume a lot of wood.

In this context, it is imperative to mobilize training and raise awareness of vulnerable groups, about alternatives to wood and charcoal.

The aim is to provide the women of Goghin with the opportunity to continue their traditional activities in the face of the challenges that arise in the fuel sector for food processing in Burkina Faso.

The impacts of the project are expected in four aspects: the ecological aspect, the economic aspect, the social aspect and the health aspect.

Ecologically, the forest cover is preserved and reconstituted naturally, regrowth of trees promotes biodiversity, carbon sinks formed by trees that have been planted are preserved. On the other hand, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and the effects of global warming are mitigated.

On the economic level, local jobs are created, income is generated for women. The local economy is thus revitalized and food security improved.

On the social level, several aspects are important. On the one hand, the toil of gathering wood for women and girls is reduced; women can thus engage in other activities. Another important point is that the social status of women is improved thanks to the training they receive and their paid work. It is therefore easier to send children to school and access healthcare. In addition, women are better informed about the risks linked to climate change.

Finally, in terms of health, women and their children are less exposed to respiratory illnesses linked to the use of wood and charcoal.

About this Goghin Women’s Group Project

Since 2015, the Goghin Group brings together 150 active women and a hundred supporters from the rural commune of Tanghin-Dassouri in Burkina-Faso. The group does everything they can to promote socio-economic activities, protects the environment and fights poverty especially in the village but also in Tanghin Dassouri district of Kadiogo Province in general.

This project is innovative because it combines several advantages for the village of Goghin and the surrounding villages: the provision of a new and sustainable source of energy, the acquisition of new knowledge by women, the creation of income for women, the development of new business models reproducible in other villages, reducing the workload of women and children and strengthening the social and economic role of women.

It will also one of the first solar bakery in the country.

Goghin Campaign

€ 5 000 raised

5 000 € goal

Help these rural Burkinabé Entrepreneurs by supporting them to:

  • Get a Lytefire 5 Solar Oven
  • Receive solar entrepreneurship training
  • Build wealth sustainably in their village

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