In Haiti with Remar in 2020

For this new project with Remar, a solar oven is needed for an orphanage in Tabarre, Port-au-Prince.

The place is taking care of about 20 young boys, providing a safe space for them to grow, learn and play. The orphanage is in a nice big sprawling house in Tabarre, not far from Doctors Without Borders. There are solar panels on the roof, clothes drying lines, friendly teachers, some very vocal dogs and Antonia. She is one of the primary caregivers and she will be the resident baker-in-chief. The goal of the project is to enable them to bake bread and treats for the household and also bake bread, cookies and bonbon sirop (a local muffin like treat) for the neighbourhood and bring in a little extra money to the orphanage.

REMAR INTERNATIONAL, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) for the assistance, promotion and development of marginalized people, and has dedicated the last 26 years to fighting against injustice, drug addiction, hunger, malnutrition, poverty, disease, underdevelopment, illiteracy, child abuse, lack of education and the conditions which stimulate these problems. At present they are working in 70 countries around the world.

Remar works towards: Social equality and justice as a means of obtaining a fairer and more humane world. The encouragement of integral and sustainable development reaching beyond the limits of our own interventions, in order to obtain structural changes with wider repercussions. Solidarity and commitment in favour of the interests of marginalized and disadvantaged people. A deep respect for democratic and Christian values. The sustainability of natural resources.

In all their zones of operation they identify periods of short or long term intervention when they work together with the communities in an endeavour to put a stop on the structural causes of poverty and to strengthen the common bonds of solidarity. They also give technical and economic assistance in emergency situations caused by natural catastrophes, wars or any other kind of human disaster confronting the people.


The group is happy after baking with the Lytefire.
Makenson showing off freshly baked muffins.


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