Lytefire is an impactful and decentralized source of energy


Multiple Levels of Impact

When a Lytefire is installed for vulnerable groups that are constantly exposed to the side-effects of climate change, resource scarcity and energy challenges, the first impact is to provide them with enough clean energy to power an activity that can bring wealth to their business, community, village, neighborhood.

It means no more breathing of dark particles. No more hours of walk to chop wood. No more deforestation all around. Women being able to do something else than get wood and watch an open fire.

One Lytefire 5 solar oven used 6 hours / day, 210 days / year, can prevent the emission of 5 tons of CO2, which is the volume of an olympic swimming pool.

Don’t you think that preventing emissions is as interesting as compensating them?






GoSol and the Sustainable Development Goals

Each Lytefire installed has a positive impact of these 11 Sustainable Development Goals.




Research & Development

We are cooperating with local Universities on students R&D projects, students workshop to build one Lytefire, and larger educational programs.







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