Tora de Caux is a small French association based in Normandy, France. It is active since years in Burkina-Faso, in the Bam region. In particular, the team supports rural life in Nasséré through various actions managed by a project manager based in Ouagadougou.

With the aim of offering young people prospects for social and economic integration other than working at the mine, Tora Cœur de Caux has already equipped and provided local craftsmen with a sewing workshop, a solar pump and its garden. micro irrigated and a hair salon powered by solar energy. A solar bakery is a natural continuation of the work of the association.

With a Lytefire, the goals for the Kongoussi’s villagers, in the Nasséré region, is to prevent deforestation, increase the energy security of the village, receive a training in baking and maintenance of the Lytefire 6 oven, and to contribute to the financial independence of beneficiaries. It is important for this group to welcome and train young people who have dropped out of school. Thanks to Martin Pouabijie, the training went very well and the villagers could start their bakery with at least 6 production batches, i.e. 4 kg of dough / batch; about 24 kg of bread per day when the sky is clear.

Tora Coeur de Caux has its webpage here.


Country Representative Martin Pouabidjie showing off freshly baked bread.
Showing the power of the Lytefire Oven with the stick burning test.


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