1st project in Kenya with World Vision in 2016

World Vision Finland has a program named Weconomy, created to facilitate the synergy between impact business and field constraints. In 2016, we have decided to work with that program and we started with two GoSol Lytefire5 units built locally and installed at local communities in Kisumu, near lake Victoria.

Lytefire5 Oven is helping the Koptige Bakery, a local community owned business that was suffering from the unreliable and costly power supply. Koptige Bakery are hard workers, very entrepreneurs people, very enthusiastic about the positive impact of the Lytefire5. Another Lytefire5 Roaster was installed at Yier Ngima’s women’s cooperative to roast peanut, saving them money that before they spent on charcoal.

The cooperation continued in 2017 thanks to a sponsorship with Wärtsilä in Kenya and in Tanzania.

Weconomy program web page can be found here.


David, baker at Koptige Cooperative, pulling out freshly baked bread from the Lyefire 5 Oven, 2016.
Yier Ngima Women's cooperative roasting peanuts on the Lytefire 5 Roaster, 2016.
Pouring the peanuts into the solar roaster, 2016.
Local artisans constructing solar concentrators, 2016.


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