Meeting UN Agencies in Copenhagen

Posted 13 November 2018 by Eva Wissenz.

I’m in Copenhagen at the UN procurement seminar, surrounded by people who deeply want this world to be a better place, meeting different agencies who are all extremely receptive to our work, as well as very interesting companies (165 small, medium and big companies attending from Nordic countries).

Yesterday morning, the presentations of Grete Faremo (Under Secretary General and Executive Director, UNOPS) and Markku Keinänen (Under State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland) were of particular interest.

We have heard great presentations from UN agents who made it very clear how transparency and fairness are key in their procurement. How to integrate sustainable practices and innovation was also very debated among all these inspirational participants.

As our last video shows, it’s an important moment for our project and we want to find more partners. Panel discussions and 1 to 1 meetings were very inspirational and during all the seminar it was really great to see that participants are so willing to cooperate for a more sustainable future!




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