In Niger with Remar, in 2022

It wasn’t long after starting in Burkina Faso that Remar Niger wanted to get their own Lytefires. We are excited to announce this new project with Remar which will include a broad set of Lytefire solar applications.

This project is titled “Enhancing food security and Livelihood opportunities through Entrepreneur education and Solar thermal energy”. The project will try out our different solar applications in the context of Niger and see which applications create the biggest impact in order to then scale up.

Outcomes of the project will include future solar entrepreneurs trained in the community of Bougoum, just outside the capital of Niamey.

Our objective is to sustainably improve the income of excluded women through occupational training that fosters equitable economic growth, creating tools for employment and promoting self-esteem, being able to generate favorable factors for poverty reduction and social cohesion. Based on the results of our first collaboration, we see many more such projects happening here in West Africa and beyond.

The Lytefire units will be produced in our workshop in Burkina Faso and then ship them to Niger, accompanied by some of Remar Burkina Faso’s people who have been trained in installation and use of the Lytefire already in our existing project there.

REMAR INTERNATIONAL, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) for the assistance, promotion and development of marginalized people, and has dedicated the last 26 years to fighting against injustice, drug addiction, hunger, malnutrition, poverty, disease, underdevelopment, illiteracy, child abuse, lack of education and the conditions which stimulate these problems. At present they are working in 70 countries around the world.

Remar works towards: Social equality and justice as a means of obtaining a fairer and more humane world. The encouragement of integral and sustainable development reaching beyond the limits of our own interventions, in order to obtain structural changes with wider repercussions. Solidarity and commitment in favour of the interests of marginalized and disadvantaged people. A deep respect for democratic and Christian values. The sustainability of natural resources.

In all their zones of operation they identify periods of short or long term intervention when they work together with the communities in an endeavour to put a stop on the structural causes of poverty and to strengthen the common bonds of solidarity. They also give technical and economic assistance in emergency situations caused by natural catastrophes, wars or any other kind of human disaster confronting the people.

We’re really excited to be starting activities in a new country and we hope that it will lead to many more Lytefires installed with communities in need around the world!


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