In South Africa with Sun Fire Solutions (2015)

The country is known for its solar plants and is a big player in the solar market. Micro-CSP, however, isn’t very present and there is a lot of opportunity to provide people with an efficient and elegant solution for their thermal needs.

Founder and CEO of a solar solutions company in RSA for the past 12 years, Crosby Menzies of SunFire Solutions ltd has been convinced by our tech since he first learned about us. Over the past 2 years, we have build a trustful dialogue and SunFire Solutions is a strong supporter of our #FreeTheSun campaign.
Together in Johannesburg Lorin built a slightly improved version of the Lytefire 4 solar concentrator we built in Haiti to start a bakery, and we have presented widely it and got to know the potential local users more closely.
The next step of this project is to equip schools with solar concentrators for to feed their students more cheaply and more sustainably.

With a simple Lytefire4 model, it's possible to bake 300+ muffins or scones in a day. © SFCO
At Greenside Primary School, more than 300 students have tested delicious solar-baked cookies. © SFCO
SunFire South Africa has been on the forefront of spreading solar cookers. © SunFire Solutions
Solar chefs during one of SunFire's workshops. © SunFire Solutions
Family solar tea time. © SunFire Solutions
Crosby Menzies demonstrating solar cookers. © SunFire Solutions


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