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Posted 27 April 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

We are honored and happy to count the Rexel Foundation among our partners for the campaign and to be part of the Rexel Foundation Platform for social enterprises.

In the context of the Europeanization of its support platform for social entrepreneurship in the field of energy, the Rexel Foundation is very pleased to welcome and support a Finnish social enterprise. By providing solar concentrator and free construction guide, Gosol comes to strengthen the ambitious project of the platform to fight against fuel poverty and improve access to energy efficiency for all. Rexel Foundation

The Rexel Foundation is focused on energy efficiency supporting social entrepreneurs and solidarity. On their platform, they are connecting projects, entrepreneurs, sponsors, NGO, etc. and provide guidance. Created in 2013 and partnering with Ashoka, their target is to promote access to energy efficiency for all.

Presentation of the Foundation:

Presentation of the Platform:




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