First Sizzle with the Sol4 in Switzerland

Posted 20 July 2015 by Urs Riggenbach.

After setting up the solar concentrator in the school’s yard, the students had to calibrate the mirrors. Soon enough the vegetables, burgers and bacon were easily cooked with nothing more than sunlight. This is what Free The Sun is all about!

As indicated by the team it really did take us 2 hours to calibrate the mirrors but then our surprise was great once the water started boiling and the veggies and burgers started to sizzle in the pan!

Kurt Baumann, Teacher at Schulzentrum Kreuzfeld 4, Langenthal, Switzerland

It was a great success: everyone who came out of the school-building waited in line to get their share of the solar snack the students prepared for everyone.

The Next Steps

Now that the summer holidays approached the solar concentrator gets a break too, until Kurt starts the year with a new class of students. Apart from cooking and demonstrating renewable energy, schoolteacher Kurt is an artist at heart and is already thinking of using the powerful solar array for his student’s next projects.




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