First Replication of Sol4 Model in Palestine

Posted 8 March 2016 by Urs Riggenbach.

Welding shop in Palestine

Moutasem returned to his home country a few months ago with nothing but a vision: To make sustainable energy affordable. To this end, he joined our early adopters program. Now Moutasem has turned social entrepreneur and replicated the Sol4 technology fir the first time in Palestine.

In Palestine solar panels are not affordable and fuel is extremely expensive. I’m positive about the future of GoSol in Palestine because this cheap and efficient technology allows us to manufacture locally and gain the upper hand on the energy market. The fact that we can build something so powerful here with local materials is extremely motivating.

Moutasem’s build experience was straight forward, with a few calls and emails exchanged with our team to advise on mirror fabrication and transport of the built system.

Moutasem now aims to identify the best use cases for the technology by working with local partners. He is supported by SPARK’s Enterprise Development Programme MFS-II, and is now seeking pilot opportunities.

“I believe moving forward that scalable solar concentrators can be a game changer strengthening Palestine’s solar economy. ”
Catching the last sunset rays
First heat on the cooktop




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