GoSol - What We Do and Why

Posted 15 April 2016 by Will Cleaver.

At GoSol team spirits means a lot to us. Since a few years now, no matter if we work
together from different corners of the globe or not, no matter the huge ups and downs of every project, we share the same spirit and working together on our own solar projects around the world was and still is a deep joy.

With the idea of creating simple and efficient solar technology that can be built easily we want to provide clean energy to anyone that wants to use it. We are now at the stage where we have, with the SOL4, a great simple design that works wonderfully, and is very powerful and cost effective.

What we wanted to share with you in this video is the path we have walked. It is immensely satisfying to have gotten to the point where we are now with the coming release of the SOL4 guide. It’s all about providing the knowledge for people to create solar energy powered options to live in a sustainable way.




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