Solar Cooking Chef in New York!

Posted 27 June 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

More than a year after we gave a Sol4 to the Teaching Garden of GrowNYC, on Governor Island, it still works well and is being used regularly!

During summer time, for students and the general public, Shawn Connell of GrowNYC says "it is an impressive and popular tool. Making popcorn with it or stir-frying from the garden are the most common ways that we use it."

This summer the number of people coming out to the Teaching Garden has tripled (which is excellent news for sustainability awareness) and a beautiful workshop about cooking from the garden was proposed. A few weeks ago, a chef from the city’s Department of Education cooked with the solar concentrator SOL4.

As Shawn explains: "This chef does trainings and workshops for school teachers and their students about how to get produce that they have grown in their school gardens, into their school’s cafeteria. GrowNYC works with the city’s public schools to help them start school gardens and encourage healthy eating, as well as an interest in the sciences, and workshops like this are a great way to inspire teachers and their students to grow and consume more of their own healthy foods, and explore the potential of renewable energy."

Isn’t it beautiful! :-)




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