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Wärtsilä sponsors GoSol in Kenya and soon in Tanzania

Posted Wednesday 29 March 2017 by Eva Wissenz.

All the team is happy to announce that Wärtsilä is now sponsoring our work to empower entrepreneurs in Kenya and in Tanzania.

Check out Wärtsilä’s announcement.

First demo of solar oven for refugees

Posted Wednesday 22 March 2017 by Eva Wissenz.

Lorin Symington updates on experience in and around Kakuma refugee camp in Turkana region of Kenya. The Oven is complete and a local Turkana women helps test with the first cake baked with the Sol5 in Turkana!

Autodesk Foundation supports GoSol / Solar Fire

Posted Wednesday 3 August 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

Our team is very happy to announce that the Autodesk Foundation (USA) has committed to support our work with a USD 100,000 grant and a very exciting support program.

And here is what Autodesk’s team is saying about our work: "We’re impressed with Solar Fire’s design-driven approach to bringing commercial-scale solar thermal to Kenyan small businesses. A simple but powerful design + technical rigor + end user feedback = true impact."

The discussion with Autodesk team started months ago and in April they were able to go Kenya, meet with Lorin and World Vision team. They could check directly our work and after a few more phone meetings and intense questions/answers process they said "yes". It’s very important for us because our project is ambitious, as ambitious as the problem we want to solve, and Autodesk Foundation can connect us with important players, help us improve so many aspects of our work and we are going to learn a lot!

But first of all the support of Autodesk team enables us staying focused on impact and accelerating on the ground, starting in Kenya. We want to thank all our business partners, our first sponsors, all the members of the GoSol community, and all our families and friends who supported us and believed in our vision to spread solar energy among all.

World Vision’s video presenting our work in Kenya

Posted Tuesday 28 June 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

In this beautiful video you are invited to understand fully what we have achieved in Kenya with the cooperation of Weconomy and World Vision Kenya.

One month after the end of this first phase, the communities have adopted the tech even faster than we thought and the women would be very happy to train others on how to build their solar concentrators. Enjoy!

Solar Cooking Chef in New York!

Posted Monday 27 June 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

More than a year after we gave a Sol4 to the Teaching Garden of GrowNYC, on Governor Island, it still works well and is being used regularly!

During summer time, for students and the general public, Shawn Connell of GrowNYC says "it is an impressive and popular tool. Making popcorn with it or stir-frying from the garden are the most common ways that we use it."

This summer the number of people coming out to the Teaching Garden has tripled (which is excellent news for sustainability awareness) and a beautiful workshop about cooking from the garden was proposed. A few weeks ago, a chef from the city’s Department of Education cooked with the solar concentrator SOL4.

As Shawn explains: "This chef does trainings and workshops for school teachers and their students about how to get produce that they have grown in their school gardens, into their school’s cafeteria. GrowNYC works with the city’s public schools to help them start school gardens and encourage healthy eating, as well as an interest in the sciences, and workshops like this are a great way to inspire teachers and their students to grow and consume more of their own healthy foods, and explore the potential of renewable energy."

Isn’t it beautiful! :-)

Thank YOU!

Posted Sunday 1 May 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

We are thrilled!! Our #FreeTheSun video presenting our project, tech and spirit has reached 46 749 views on Youtube... Wow!! Let’s hope the coming gifts and products will spread like this and there will be for sure a much more optimistic energy future for humanity (and forests, and plants).

Les Vagabonds de l’énergie reprennent la route !

Posted Monday 18 April 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

Souvenirs, souvenirs... Il y a quelques années, Robin Deloof et Arnaud Crétot terminaient leurs études et avaient décidés de faire un périple autour du monde pour explorer les diverses solutions énergétiques à l’oeuvre. Ils ont alors créé "les Vagabonds de l’énergie" et ont posé leurs sacs à dos en Allemagne, en Finlande, en Turquie et dans plein d’autres pays. Leur périple s’était arrếté net en 2011 au moment de l’accident nucléaire de Fukushima au Japon.

Suite à leur lecture d’un de mes articles paru dans la revue alternative Silence, ils décidèrent d’inclure leur stage de fin d’études dans ce périple des Vagabonds. Et ce strage, ils décidèrent de le faire en Inde du Nord, à Rajkot, chez un entrepreneur très habité par la vision de Gandhi. A cette époque, les tous premiers développements de Solar Fire avaient lieu là aussi, chez cet entrepreneur. De cette rencontre avec Eerik, naquit une amitié forte et aujourd’hui Arnaud est Directeur Scientifique de notre entreprise.

Ingénieur libéré, Arnaud incarne (à mon humble avis de DG) les ingénieurs du futur - je veux dire le type d’ingénieurs dont l’humanité a besoin pour se sortir de la mouise. Vous verrez ce que je veux dire en visionnant ce film, édité à la sortie du film Libres ! de J.-P. Jaud.

Aujourd’hui, les vagabonds se sont Clément Bresciani et François Glaizot, qui reprennent la route et le flambeau, parce que la problématique énergétique est toujours aussi actuelle et brûlante.

Soutenez-les pour qu’ils puissent partir, étudier, rencontrer, apprendre, partager !

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