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Lytefire (former Sol4) Save Trees

Posted Wednesday 9 March 2016 by Lorin Symington.

After moving to the city for school, Nayazim Raouzi Peskala is thinking about green ways to build businesses back home. Hear him share his thoughts with us after seeing the Sol4 in action at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa. Let’s hope solar bakeries will spread widely very soon and we can have a positive impact.

Drying Fruits With Solar?

Posted Thursday 14 January 2016 by Lorin Symington.

After seeing the Sol4 in action at The Innovation Hub in South Africa, student of entrepreneurship Bobofranz Mafendela was excited to share with us the opportunities he sees for implementing GoSol technology back home in Sekhukhune District, Limpopo, South Africa. Can you imagine solar dried fruits everywhere?

Lyte (exSol4) Demo to Entrepreneurs & Students

Posted Thursday 31 December 2015 by Lorin Symington.

Together with our #FreeTheSun partners in South Africa, Sunfire Solutions, we demonstrated the Sol4 solar concentrator to students and entrepreneurs at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, RSA. Enjoy this video and then let’s go hard bringing tech everywhere in 2016!

Backyard Baking in Joburg

Posted Tuesday 1 December 2015 by Lorin Symington.

Here’s a fun little video of GoSol’s Lorin Symington baking with the Sol4 + oven in Johannesburg. Whether you bake mountains of muffins, scads of scones or a cornucopia of cookies... The oven can be replaced by a stove, a roaster, a food dehydrator... And the solar concentrator can work all day long for any kind of uses, for communities, farmers, and entrepreneurs. The power and versatility of the Sol4 makes it the most empowering ’human scale’ solar concentrator available today.

Aaron Langa from Forum4Change

Posted Wednesday 25 November 2015 by Lorin Symington.

While at the Siyakhana gardens, we met up with Aaron Langa, a serial social entrepreneur and longtime advocate for the rights of the poor. He’s the founder of Forum4Change, an organization dedicated to upgrading the conditions in informal settlements. Hear him describe how’s solar thermal technology can save lives and enhance economic opportunities for slum dwellers.

Siyakhana vBlog

Posted Friday 20 November 2015 by Lorin Symington.

The Wits Siyakhana Initiative for Ecological Health and Food Security is a 2 hectare garden and eco-center tucked away in a Johannesburg city park. Powered by employees, volunteers, students and sponsors, the garden is one of the foremost permaculture sites in South Africa.

In this video we’re back at Siyakhana. Meet Professor Michael Rudolph and see the Sol4 in action while Zander Van Manen from Sunfire Solutions explains some of the principles behind this game changing tech.

Rorisa At the Innovation Hub

Posted Monday 16 November 2015 by Lorin Symington.

While we were at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa, we got a chance to talk with some of the students there and we asked them what opportunities they saw with the Sol4.

Presenting Rorisa Mogane, a young entrepreneur, who was so excited by our tech.

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