First trainings in Uganda with Plan International in 2018

In partnership with Plan International Finland and Plan International Uganda, we started a new cooperation in Uganda this year providing Lytefire5 units and educational trainings to the SmartUp Factory program in Uganda.

Since its creation in 2015, SmartUp Factory is driven by the idea that "since the poor and marginalized youth experience the challenges in their community and society first hand they are in a crucial position to identify those challenges and come up with innovative solutions to them."

Every month, Plan International Uganda is welcoming 20-30 new youths to the venue and they receive full access to the mentoring, trainings and equipment. The program is currently running in six locations in Uganda. Since its creation, SmartUp has already supported more than 3500 youths.

In this project, our team is providing Lytefire5 units, hands on trainings, theoretical lessons and support with the incubation of solar bakeries.

After the first educational packages in Gulu and Tororo, 22 entrepreneurs students were trained and 2 solar bakeries have been launched. Impressed by the efficiency of the Lytefire5 and the rich content of the educational package, Plan International is willing now to install 50 to 100 solar concentrators in the country, empowering 400 to 800 young entrepreneurs and we are fund raising to achieve this goal.

More about the SmartUp Factory Program here.


The first trained entrepreneurs at SmartUp proudly hold a solar baked bread.
Students eager to learn how to become solar entreprenurs.
GoSol's instructor Lorin Symington delivers a class on solar thermal entrepreneurship.
Theory and practice: Experiencing the power of the sun with a magnifying glass (Tororo, Uganda, September 2018).
Hands on: The students assembled and disassembled the SOL5 multiple times.
Preparing the dough: Students learned how to make bread, pastries and other baked goods.
To launch the incubated business, a showcase day invites the public.
Entrepreneur Obwana is proud of his packaging job, and of the delicious solar cookies inside.
Tasty, golden brown muffins, ready for sale. These muffins were baked without burning charcoal or consuming electricity, increasing profit margins for our new entrepreneurs. .
Solar Entrepreneurs Irene and Grace showing off their freshly baked queen cakes.
Skills and cash: During the course the students make the first sales, aiming to give them the starting capital to continue the busiess when the training is completed.


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