Video: Scaling the Direct Solar Economy

This video introduces GoSol and our work and technology to empower entrepreneurs.

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Helsingin Sanomat

News coverage in Finland’s lagest newspaper, Finnish.
14. July 2020

The “Amazon Strategy” – How to Build Resilient Supply Chains and Food Systems post-Pandemic

"Together with the solar power enterprise GoSol and the Surui Indigenous community, we’re piloting solar installations for drying and roasting forest fruits and nuts. A process that would otherwise take up to a week or be outsourced from the (...)
24. April 2020

Followup visit in the Philippines: 8 months later

Posted Monday 27 April 2020, by Eva Wissenz

We recently revisited our partners USTP (The University of Science and Technology of the Southern Philippines) and CarbonCycle in Cagayan de Oro, (...)

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We’re coming to your doorstep !

Posted lundi 30 mars 2020, by Eva Wissenz

Last Christmas, as an act of faith in people’s empowerment and in our solution to play a significant role in climate change crisis resolution, we (...)

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