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Lytefire - A different energy, a different lifestyle

Lytefire - Une autre énergie, une autre façon de vivrea

Lake not Frozen in Finland in January

Solar bakery innovation at your fingertips / Boulangerie solaire, l’innovation à portée de main

Solar Melted Cheese Racelette & Ice - Lytefire Sauna

Lorin Symington COO of Solar fire concentration Ltd on the ground in Tanzania

Callum McRobbie, Project Manager from UK

Jared Omondi, solar technician in Kenya

Sister Denise, Montessori school in Mwanza

The ladies of Goghin go solar!

Building solar ovens in Ethiopia

Solar bread in Burkina-Faso

"You have the energy right on your head, so you have to utilize it"

Interview with Angella

Uganda Solar Training Highlights

7 Sustainable Development Goals reached for Eva Nangira, a young solar entrepreneur in Uganda

Scaling the Direct Solar Economy

A Solar Bakery Run by Women in Tanzania

SOL5 Technology - Solar Energy for SMEs

Spreading the Direct Solar Economy –

Tanzania - Global Resource Alliance

Tujijenge - very dynamic solar bakers in Tanzania

First Solar Bakers in Tanzania

Introducing the SOL5 in Tanzania

Solar Dehydrating Fish at Bao Beach, Kenya

Making delicious peanut butter with Yier Ngima

Solar Bakery Expanding in Rural Kenya’s Solar Oven Installed at Misire Youth Group, Kenya

Paluu Keniaan aurinkouunin kanssa

Ana Group - Solar Bakery in Lokichogio, Kenya

Interview with David, Solar Baker in Kenya

Introducing Solar Baker in Kisumu, Kenya

Return to Solar Oven in Kenya

Introducing the Electronics Lab at Autodesk Pier 9

SOL5 Solar Oven at UNHCR Offices in Kakuma, Kenya

First Bake test with Sol5 in Turkana region

Introducing the Pier 9 Electronics Lab

Welcome to Pier 9!

Ready to go to Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya - The Beginning of a Direct Solar Economy

Preparing for Kenya

GoSol Building Solar in Kenya - What we do and why

Bakers Video

Replacing Charcoal with The Sun

Flying to Kenya on a Solar Mission’s Free The Sun Campaign for Builders

Baking Cake in Haiti

Arnaud Crétot de : Un ingénieur libéré Solar Roaster: 100% Solar, 15kg of Cacao/hr

A Solar Bakery in Haiti

Solar Cooking in Sub-Zero Finland




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