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GoSol is empowering a global wave of solar entrepreneurs to escape poverty through training and use of direct solar heat.



Why GoSol

Access to clean energy is a real problem in the developing world


3 billion people

Need a clean source of heat every day to process food or run their business.
Today they burn charcoal, trash, LPG, biomass or rely on poor electric grids.

10 years

Remaining in order to reduce heavily carbon emissions from growth, according to the IPCC report of 2020.

3 billion people

Empowered with affordable and powerful clean energy can have a very strong impact on climate change mitigation.


Solar bread

From a daily 50 to 110kg of bread depending on the season, a Lytefire can bake about 100 buns a day.


3 Lytefire prevents 20 tons of Co2 emissions/year


Or 520°F is the temperature reached by a Lytefire 5 solar oven



Lytefire solar concentrator addresses 7 Sustainable Development Goals




Featured Projects

By implementing Lytefire ovens plus solar entrepreneurship training we are working with NGOs, entrepreneurs and sponsors on capacity building.






Focus on solar baking

Solar Bakery


  • Can bake 500 cookies per day, 40 kg of bread per day
  • Up to 300°C baking temperature
  • Even heat distribution for high quality baking
  • Immune to blackouts and brownouts
  • No fuel costs (requires sunlight, but that’s free)


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News and Press

150+ international medias shared about the Lytefire solar solution

Let’s inspire and educate with GoSol!

Posted Thursday 25 November 2021, by Hanna Williams

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” GoSol’s mission is to influence and inspire (...)

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Announcing new Partnership with Plan International to Empower Entrepreneurs in Uganda

Posted Monday 1 November 2021, by Urs Riggenbach

We are excited to announce this new partnership to empower entrepreneurs to run solar bakeries and food businesses across 11 locations in Uganda. (...)

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Formation à la capitale et installation au village au Burkina avec l’association Tora Coeur de Caux

Posted lundi 1er novembre 2021, by Eva Wissenz, Martin Pouabidjie

Mission accomplie ! C’est en janvier 2021 que l’association normande Tora Coeur de Caux nous a contacté par l’intermédiaire de (...)

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We are featured by "Education Finland" !

Posted lundi 4 octobre 2021, by Eva Wissenz

Solar Fire Concentration Oy is very happy and honored to see the Lytefire oven featured among the Finnish companies presented by the Finnish (...)

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