Become a "solarpreneur" and run you own bakery







Give someone bread, and they will eat for a day.
Give someone a Lytefire and there is free energy to bake
for the rest of their lives.


Solar Education. We use energy as key factor for social change

Everywhere the sun shines, the Lytefire solar concentrators replace costly and unstable electricity, firewood and charcoal with direct solar energy. This powerful technology is a solid choice for baking. It can also roast and dry food. And since it has been initially ideated for the Global South’s rural / vulnerable environments, people can maintain their Lytefire by themselves. All parts can be replaced and purchased in most towns and every city we’ve come across. So, yes, Lytefire is solid, powerful, easy to maintain and one can run a business activity with it.

But what’s even more interesting is that after a 2-3 weeks solar baking training, the participants are able to actually start a business. "Solarpreneurs" is how we call the solar entrepreneurs using Lytefire.

First the training is dedicated to installation, mirror focussing, maintenance, security, anything needed to get familiar with Lytefire but also to understand solar energy and how connected this is to the environment. Then we move on to the basics of entrepreneurship while learning to bake delicious solar recipes.

Our training has been elaborated in the field for the field, and is continuously enriched by our project managers. Each audience is different and the content must be adapted to engage everyone. In each case, our goal is that any motivated group can start its own bakery and make money in a sustainable way right after the training!

In Mwanza, Tanzania, a school is using 2 Lytefire solar oven and, on top of baking their own biscuits, they sell 100 cookies (0.08 EUR each) and 100 buns (0.10 EUR each) per day to the students of the school. Every day, they make 18 EUR, and 260 EUR per month.

Check our Projects page to see all our cooperation’s with NGOs and local associations.


“The Lytefire5 Oven is giving us 275 KSh (€2,70) per day, but with the charcoal oven it’s only 75 KSh (€0,70). That’s a big difference.” -

Afros Otieno, Baker at Misire, Kenya.

Prudence and Nebi Bakery's fellows during the demo day organized at the end of their training (Uganda, 2022).


Lytefire 5 Solar


  • Can bake 500 cookies per day, 50 to 110 kg of bread per day depending on the business model and the sun
  • Up to 300°C (572°F) baking temperature
  • Even heat distribution for high quality baking
  • Immune to blackouts and brownouts
  • Lytefire oven comes with a charcoal burner for rainy season and basic material for baking
  • No fuel costs (requires sunlight, but that’s free)


(No funds asked at this stage)



Lytefire 5 Bakery in Tanzania (2018)

Lytefire 5 Bakery Trainings in Uganda (2019)

Lytefire 5 Bakery in Tanzania (2018)

Lytefire 5 Bakery Trainings in Uganda (2019)







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