Our Solar entrepreneurs in Nebbi after Lytefire training!

Posted 20 April 2022 by Hanna Williams.

It has been over 3 months since the training in Nebbi in January and since the trainers left it has been an incredible success! With the Solar Fire team in constant contact with the ‘Smart Up Solar Bakery’ we have witnessed and experienced their passion, motivation and dedication running their very own solar bakery since the 3 week training took place!

They continue to bake every week with the team that were selected for training but they also now train other vulnerable youths in the rural area how to bake with solar so they have access to the knowledge. This has also provided an awareness for the environmental issues. Instead of relying on electricity, charcoal and firewood to bake, the Nebbi team have expanded their education of solar science to train other youths by presenting the power of the Lytefire oven and utilizing a natural resource, the sun!

It is the rainy season now here in Uganda, but the hub utilizes the sun’s energy wherever possible and has baked with the Lytefire oven nearly every day!
As Nebbi is one of the newest Smart Up Hubs, they receive so much support from their local community and the plan offices which are close by. Since January when the first 3 week training took place each week the nebbi smart up hub has been generating over 100,000ugx sales a week!




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