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The “Amazon Strategy” – How to Build Resilient Supply Chains and Food Systems post-Pandemic

"Together with the solar power enterprise GoSol and the Surui Indigenous community, we’re piloting solar installations for drying and roasting forest fruits and nuts. A process that would otherwise take up to a week or be outsourced from the (...)
24. April 2020

Paris Normandie

"Près de Rouen, il torréfie des graines à l’aide du soleil"
6. February 2020 (...)

Ouest France

"En Normandie, le soleil suffit à cuire et torréfier les graines"
16. December 2019 (...)

L’Age de Faire

"Tournesol, lin, chanvre, noisette ou châtaigne… Grâce à son torréfacteur solaire, une coopérative soutient les filières locales et propose des alternatives aux produits importés de l’autre bout du (...)
28. November 2019 (...)

Tendance Quest

"Montville. Un torréfacteur solaire : une première mondiale"
28. November 2019 (...)

Le Parisien

GoSol is featured in national French newspaper. "En Seine-Maritime, des graines torréfiées par le soleil normand"
24. October 2019 (...)

Paris Normandie

The solar concentrator operated by our CTO in France is featured in French newspaper. "À Montville, près de Rouen, Arnaud Cretot lance sa première torréfaction avec un four solaire"
23. October 2019 (...)

Autodesk Foundation

We’re featured by Autodesk again. "Five Years of Impact: Using Design to Make a Better World"
23. October 2019 (...)

Forest Trends

Together with partners including Original Beans,, and Canopy Bridge, Forest Trends has seen similar success supporting value chains for honey, babassu (an alternative to coconut oil), açai berries, and wild (...)
. 0000 (...)

WatsUp Africa

"Mirror Technology Oven: Oven uses sun’s rays"
31. January 2019 (...)


"Mirror Technology Oven: Oven uses sun’s rays"
31. January 2019 (...)

Forest Trends

"Forest Trends and Announce New Partnership Connecting Indigenous Communities with Solar Technologies"
6. November 2018 (...)


"Auringon lämpöenergiaa hyödyntävä innovaatio lisäsi pienyrittäjien tuloja ja työturvallisuutta Keniassa"
17. December 2018 (...)

World Vision Suomi

"Aurinkoinnovaatio lisäsi pienyrittäjien tuloja ja työturvallisuutta Keniassa"
17. December 2018 (...)

Autodesk Labs

"Here Comes the Sun: and the Autodesk Foundation Working Together"
12. June 2018 (...)

Business Daily Africa

"Kisii group bakes livelihood making banana bread, buns"
14. May 2018 (...)

Farmbiz Africa

"Local youth group reports saving on baking costs by using sunlight"
31. March 2018 (...)

Demand @ASME

"Design for a warming world - How the products we use and buildings we inhabit are designed plays an instrumental role in climate change"
12. March 2018 (...)


"The Finnish Solar Fire Concentration is testing solar energy technology in Africa that is suitable for small-scale entrepreneurs. "
9. February 2018 (...)


"Suomalainen Solar Fire Concentration testaa Afrikassa pienyrittäjille sopivaa aurinkoenergiatekniikkaa"
1. February 2018 (...)

Inclusive Business Hub

" and Weconomy are a pioneering the inclusive business space."
9. October 2017 (...)

CLEO 24 News

"Video na picha katika matukio tofauti:watanzania tumieni fursa zilizopo kuepuka uharibifu wa mistu"
4. July 2017 (...)

Makali News

"Watanzania kunufaika na gosol; unaweza kuangalia picha na matukio yote katika semina hiyo"
6. July 2017 (...)


"Firm introduces new solar tech in Western Kenya"
7. April 2017 (...)

Africa Business Communities

"New off grid energy technology promises job opportunities for rural Kenyans"
31. March 2017 (...)

"Finland firm targets west Kenya with solar power"
13. April 2017 (...)

Daily Nation

"Solar concentrator takes fuel pressure off Kenya’s forests" Print + online.
18. April 2017 (...)

World Vision

"Aurinkoenergialla pienyrittäjien bisnes kasvuun Keniassa"
3. April 2017 (...)

Wärtsilä Corporation

Wärtsilä partners with Solar Fire Concentration to create business opportunities and provide clean energy to SME’s in rural Kenya.
27. March 2017 (...)

Pure Eco India

"GoSol contributes to Kenya’s solar economy"
1. January 2017

Engenharia é

"Faça você mesmo painel solar para produzir energia limpa em casa"
26. August 2016 (...)

Radio France Internationale

Radio show "C’est pas du vent" by RFI featuring Arnaud Crétot, CTO of
19. June 2016 (...)


"Proyecto solar recientemente realizado en Kenia"
1. June 2016 (...)


"GoSol: concentratori solari per cucinare nelle comunità povere"
1. June 2016 (...)


За допомогою сонячних концентраторів в Кенії печуть хліб і виготовляють арахісове масло
2. June 2016 (...)


"GoSol is building the direct solar economy with its solar concentrator"
26. May 2016 (...)

Green City

" Концентратор своими руками "
2. October 2015

The Greenest Post

"Aprenda a fazer seu próprio painel solar para produzir energia limpa em casa"
18. February 2016 (...)


"Aprende cómo hacer tus propios paneles solares térmicos"
21. February 2016

Razões Para Acreditar

"Organização ensina como construir seu próprio painel solar para democratizar energia limpa"
4. February 2016 (...)

Pensador Anônimo

"...a organização GoSol surge com o objetivo de democratizar os painéis solares pelo mundo"
9. February 2016 (...)


"Startup-yritys - köyhyyttä vastaan, bisneksen keinoin"
28. January 2016 (...)


"GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide"
17. January 2016 (...)

Fifth Element

"Самодельный солнечный концентратор из Финляндии"
1. December 2015


Como criar os teus próprios painéis solares.
14. December 2015


Conheça a empresa que ajuda pessoas a criar seus próprios painéis solares.
4. December 2015 (...)


Conheça a empresa que ajuda pessoas a criar seus próprios painéis solares
22. December 2015 (...)


Empresa ajuda pessoas a criarem seus próprios painéis solares
29. December 2015 (...)

CCTV Africa

"Social Entrepreneurs Create a Solar Cooker in South Africa" (Video)
22. October 2015


De l’énergie solaire en «do it yourself» pour les pays du sud.
26. June 2015 (...)

Pensamento Verde

"Empresa ensina pessoas a construírem seus próprios painéis solares"
10. October 2015 (...)

Eco Inventos

"Como construir tu propio concentrador solar con la guía gratis de GoSol"
5. October 2015


"GoSol - солнечные печки для малого бизнеса"
2. October 2015 (...)

Green Life

"GoSol - солнечные печки для малого бизнеса"
2. October 2015 (...)

Off Grid Quest

"Build your own solar concentrator at home with GoSol’s free DIY guide"
2. October 2015 (...)


"GoSol випустили безкоштовну інструкцію по створенню сонячного концентратора"
1. October 2015 (...)

Energia Rinnovabili

"Forni solari, con la guida di GoSol lo costruisci da solo"
1. October 2015 (...)


"Создайте свой собственный солнечный концентратор для дома с бесплатным руководством от GoSol"
1. October 2015 (...)

"Come costruire un forno solare: ecco la guida di GoSol"
2. October 2015 (...)

Energy Fresh

"Создайте свой собственный солнечный концентратор"
1. October 2015


"Build your own solar concentrator at home with GoSol’s free DIY guide"
30. September 2015 (...)

"GoSol: il solare a concentrazione fai-da-te che porta energia pulita alle popolazioni povere del mondo"
2. October 2015 (...)

Solar Bakery: ad Haiti si fa il pane con il sole.
7. May 2015


"GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide"
29. September 2015 (...)

Sortir du nucléaire

Article on in the french magazine Sortir du nucléaire. "GoSol, l’entreprenariat solaire accessible aux plus pauvres." Read it on our blog.
1. August 2015 (...)


GoSol campaign featured among Tesla battery, Solar Impulse airplane, low-cost LEDs and other great solutions.
26. April 2015

Radio France Internationale

"C’est pas du vent", a radio program about the environment and solutions. Our CTO, Arnaud Crétot, presents the campaign and constructions guides.
25. June 2015 (...)

United World College Mahindra

"To live the UWC mission of a sustainable future is challenging, but Urs Riggenbach from Switzerland is determined to change the way we use technology to help build a sustainable future." - Portrait of Urs Riggenbach and (...)
18. June 2015 (...)




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