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CEO impact events : SDG’s workshop in Helsinki and Skoll forum

Posted vendredi 15 mars 2019 by Eva Wissenz.

Yesterday I have attended a nice workshop about SDG’s organised by Finnpartnership and Beam. It’s really great that impact is spreading in Finland because the country is a bit behind compared to other Nordic neighbours. Soon a UNTIL lab will also work with companies and UN Global compact will also start running here.

Next month a major event is happening in UK and I’m very grateful to Autodesk Foundation to invite me as delegate. I look forward to meet with other inspiring social and impact focused entrepreneurs !!

Our Experience with +Impact by Danske Bank

Posted Monday 18 February 2019 by Eva Wissenz.

Since a few months we are part of the +impact platform created by Danske Bank and we wanted to share our experience with that.

Many tools and incubation services exist for-startups, and through our journey we saw that very often they are more marketing tools and social networking buzz than actual support.

With +impact the experience is very different. Experts are actually keen to support our venture, they are giving us time to listen to a specific challenge and they help very concretely with connections, their network and wise advice. For a start-up like us, this is gold, especially because our business model is very innovative in the energy sector and our solution is at the crossroads of multiple sectors.

We invite you to share their platform:


Starting in the Philippines with Carbon Cycle

Posted mercredi 6 février 2019 by Eva Wissenz.

All the team is very happy to announce our new project in the Philippines with CarbonCycle, a recycling company and a renewable energy startup based in Cagayan de Oro City.

Mr Dale Franco Llentic, CEO and founder of Carbon Cycle, has followed our work for the past 3 years and decided to start a project for three communities processing cashew nuts, coconuts and soya. For example, the Mindagat Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative below is roasting soya and produces soya powder for the local market.

At Mindagat Cooperative, Malitbog, Philippines. They roast soya and produce soya powder.

Together with GoSol, CarbonCycle is applying solar thermal technologies to agrifood processing to enhance the quality of life of the farming communities of the Philippines. This project will demonstrate the techno-economic feasibility of solar thermal technologies for processing agricultural products in agricultural communities.

In September 2018, Carbon Cycle won a BPI SINAG award for their social work. The Bank of the Philippines Islands is supporting 10 social entrepreneurs. More can be read about Carbon Cycle journey here.

Mr. Llentic of CarbonCycle receiving the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Sinag Awards 2018.

We are very excited to start next month and blog posts and video clips will be posted on the project page, so stay tuned !

The Inspiring Image of the Day !

Posted samedi 26 janvier 2019 by Eva Wissenz.

We are happy to share this image sent by World Vision Kenya. These are solar baked buns produced and sold by our friends at Yier Ngima in Siaya, Kenya.

This group started with a SOL5 roaster to roast peanuts to make peanut butter. They don’t grow enough peanuts to be roasting full-time, and had seen solar baking at Koptige, so Lorin and Jared created a simple baking rack for their roaster and these solar buns are the result of this change !

Their SOL5 was part of our pilot program in Kenya with World Vision and with sponsorship of Wärtsilä.

Consolata and the other ladies peeling peanuts in the shade while their bread bakes :

By diversifying their business, the Yier Ngima group is increasing uptime on their SOL5 and the members are earning more money, with their business based on sweet, clean solar energy.

The Inspiring Image of the Day!

Posted Monday 19 November 2018 by Eva Wissenz.

This is from Uganda, were Lorin has now completed the trainings of Smart Up Factory groups of young students entrepreneurs managed by Plan International.

A Smart Sun Bakery is created now and all our team wish them the best of luck to make a profitable and sustainable business with their SOL5!

Meeting UN Agencies in Copenhagen

Posted Tuesday 13 November 2018 by Eva Wissenz.

I’m in Copenhagen at the UN procurement seminar, surrounded by people who deeply want this world to be a better place, meeting different agencies who are all extremely receptive to our work, as well as very interesting companies (165 small, medium and big companies attending from Nordic countries).

Yesterday morning, the presentations of Grete Faremo (Under Secretary General and Executive Director, UNOPS) and Markku Keinänen (Under State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland) were of particular interest.

We have heard great presentations from UN agents who made it very clear how transparency and fairness are key in their procurement. How to integrate sustainable practices and innovation was also very debated among all these inspirational participants.

As our last video shows, it’s an important moment for our project and we want to find more partners. Panel discussions and 1 to 1 meetings were very inspirational and during all the seminar it was really great to see that participants are so willing to cooperate for a more sustainable future!

Announcing Partnership with Forest Trends

Posted Saturday 20 October 2018 by Eva Wissenz.

GoSol is landing in South America! We are very happy about our latest partnership with the organization Forest Trends and excited to start in Brazil where we have a lot of demand for our SOL5.

Forest Trends is a US based NGO supported by USAID and IKEA Foundation. One of their goals is to support the creation of supply chains that allow the indigenous communities to market sustainable harvested forest produce. By supporting the sustainable production of for example roasted nuts, dried seeds and fruits, it becomes possible to leverage globalization to improve the livelihoods of the indigenous communities and strengthen their position to protect the forests.

The cooperation between GoSol, Forest Trends and the indigenous communities starts by identifying the most value-adding uses for solar thermal energy and how to best boost the local communities’ livelihoods. For many energy intensive processes, such as dehydrating, roasting and other food processing, the GoSol technology will allow the communities to tap into the free power of the sun, for processes for which they would have had to use firewood.

Once the first phase of the project is completed, the solution can then be scaled to support indigenous communities throughout the world’s rainforests to protect their livelihoods and enable sustainable supply chains.

The project started October 2018 in the state of Rondônia, Brazil.

The Amazon, the worlds largest rain forest home to many indigenous communities.
Indigenous communities are at the forefront of forest preservation.

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