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Two Inspiring Events Upcoming in Helsinki

Posted Friday 15 April 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

"Are you “Value Conscious” and “Values Conscious”?
Do you want to learn how to do more with less?
Do you want to know how to innovate under resource constraints and cost controls?
Are you already working on or want to learn more about high impact, new tech, sustainable and affordable solutions?
Then, InnoFrugal during April 25-26, 2016 in Helisnki is your answer."

Thanks to Weconomy, we are more than happy to be part of this great InnoFrugal event in Helsinki on April 25. The title of the discussion is: ‘Beyond Gift in Kind – Creating Shared Value in Development and Humanitarian Assistance’.

"Private sector can add tremendous value, innovation, and competence to overall humanitarian capacity. The private sector brings skills, experience, and expertise, and possibly new practices and perspectives to the humanitarian aid community. The session will highlight, how partners from the private sector can collaborate with global NGO WV in its responds to humanitarian disasters."

Check out the programme here, with plenty of creative people sharing about Frugal Innovation, Circular Economy, Open Innovation and more.

We’ll be also sharing our current project with World Vision Kenya with the Weconomy team during a workshop at Bronda’s on April 27.

Meeting a Courageous Kenyan Women’s Community

Posted Wednesday 13 April 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

Our whole team is thrilled to be watching Lorin’s first footage from Kenya because these women are the reason we all joined this amazing solar adventure. We have dreamed and developed our tech to meet their needs, the daily needs of people having a productive activity that can be fueled with local solar energy.

The Yier Ngima Group you’re about to meet is producing organic peanut butter. They support HIV affected people and orphan kids. They are big hearted people. Their work is supported by the NGO World Vision Kenya. World Vision Kenya is working closely with Word Vision Finland where the Weconomy Start program supports social impact companies to meet their market and lean on their extensive experience in the field. We started cooperation with the Weconomy team about a year ago and we can’t wait to share with you more videos presenting another group of bakers and the solar concentrators built and working!! Stay tuned!

GoSol on the road to Kenya

Posted Friday 1 April 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

In this vblog, Lorin Symington is sharing his concerns, determinations and... tiredness before leaving to Kenya for our project in cooperation with the Weconomy program of World Vision Finland.
It’s not an easy life to try solving energy poverty!! Lorin is our best builder. He prototyped, built, maintained and improved dozens of solar concentrators in Mexico, Canada, Haiti, Mali, South Africa, France and Finland. As we are a team of field people, we all would have loved to be with him in Kenya but even at distance the connection is strong and we share our best vibes with him!

Starting in Kenya with World Vision

Posted Tuesday 29 March 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

Almost all our team was in Paris to meet with our partners, Fondation Rexel and Fondation Deloitte, and briefed Lorin before his departure to Kenya to start a great project in cooperation with World Vision Finland and World Vision Kenya. Here is for you a short glimpse of this prep moment.

In Nigeria with SF Green Resources

Posted Thursday 4 February 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

We are so happy to announce the beginning of the project in Nigeria with our partner SF Green Resources ltd.

Abiodun Alabi and Funsho Folabi are two super motivated (and motivating) guys and we know they are going to make an awesome job with their team in Nigeria. The project starts now in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria, which is known as the home of peace and tourism and very mountainous in nature.

The GoSol team is super excited for things to start in Nigeria!

Deloitte Foundation becomes a sponsor

Posted Monday 23 November 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

We are happy and honored to announce that the Fondation d’entreprise Deloitte is becoming a new supporter of the initiative.

Deloitte is an international company providing audits, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and related services, worldwide. Created in 2008, this foundation is active for education and solidarity. Learn more about their commitment on their website.

Private sponsors are allowing us to move faster to make real solar thermal solutions happen for the people who need them most.

Meeting the Yier Ngima Support Group in Kenya

Posted Tuesday 17 November 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

World Vision is one of the biggest NGOs in the world, in the field every day to support compassionate, educational and sustainable actions. Through the Weconomy program of World Vision Finland, we have started a partnership to bring our solar tech to Kenya, showcase the Sol4 oven in two communities and support people’s access to a free, clean and efficient energy.

The Yier Ngima Support Group is producing organic peanut butter and the women could benefit from solar thermal in the drying and roasting processes.

This group is also supporting HIV affected people and orphans in the area and innovates with new activities such as beekeeping and poultry. By helping these groups to thrive in their own businesses, we can support the families’ income generation, empower the women and support the children of these villages.

With the Weconomy program of World Vision Finland and in collaboration with World Vision Kenya and the local women’s groups we will organize next Spring a training session and implementation project.

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