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Les Vagabonds de l’énergie reprennent la route !

Posted Monday 18 April 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

Souvenirs, souvenirs... Il y a quelques années, Robin Deloof et Arnaud Crétot terminaient leurs études et avaient décidés de faire un périple autour du monde pour explorer les diverses solutions énergétiques à l’oeuvre. Ils ont alors créé "les Vagabonds de l’énergie" et ont posé leurs sacs à dos en Allemagne, en Finlande, en Turquie et dans plein d’autres pays. Leur périple s’était arrếté net en 2011 au moment de l’accident nucléaire de Fukushima au Japon.

Suite à leur lecture d’un de mes articles paru dans la revue alternative Silence, ils décidèrent d’inclure leur stage de fin d’études dans ce périple des Vagabonds. Et ce strage, ils décidèrent de le faire en Inde du Nord, à Rajkot, chez un entrepreneur très habité par la vision de Gandhi. A cette époque, les tous premiers développements de Solar Fire avaient lieu là aussi, chez cet entrepreneur. De cette rencontre avec Eerik, naquit une amitié forte et aujourd’hui Arnaud est Directeur Scientifique de notre entreprise.

Ingénieur libéré, Arnaud incarne (à mon humble avis de DG) les ingénieurs du futur - je veux dire le type d’ingénieurs dont l’humanité a besoin pour se sortir de la mouise. Vous verrez ce que je veux dire en visionnant ce film, édité à la sortie du film Libres ! de J.-P. Jaud.

Aujourd’hui, les vagabonds se sont Clément Bresciani et François Glaizot, qui reprennent la route et le flambeau, parce que la problématique énergétique est toujours aussi actuelle et brûlante.

Soutenez-les pour qu’ils puissent partir, étudier, rencontrer, apprendre, partager !

Two Inspiring Events Upcoming in Helsinki

Posted Friday 15 April 2016 by Eva Wissenz.

"Are you “Value Conscious” and “Values Conscious”?
Do you want to learn how to do more with less?
Do you want to know how to innovate under resource constraints and cost controls?
Are you already working on or want to learn more about high impact, new tech, sustainable and affordable solutions?
Then, InnoFrugal during April 25-26, 2016 in Helisnki is your answer."

Thanks to Weconomy, we are more than happy to be part of this great InnoFrugal event in Helsinki on April 25. The title of the discussion is: ‘Beyond Gift in Kind – Creating Shared Value in Development and Humanitarian Assistance’.

"Private sector can add tremendous value, innovation, and competence to overall humanitarian capacity. The private sector brings skills, experience, and expertise, and possibly new practices and perspectives to the humanitarian aid community. The session will highlight, how partners from the private sector can collaborate with global NGO WV in its responds to humanitarian disasters."

Check out the programme here, with plenty of creative people sharing about Frugal Innovation, Circular Economy, Open Innovation and more.

We’ll be also sharing our current project with World Vision Kenya with the Weconomy team during a workshop at Bronda’s on April 27.

Deloitte Foundation becomes a sponsor

Posted Monday 23 November 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

We are happy and honored to announce that the Fondation d’entreprise Deloitte is becoming a new supporter of the initiative.

Deloitte is an international company providing audits, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and related services, worldwide. Created in 2008, this foundation is active for education and solidarity. Learn more about their commitment on their website.

Private sponsors are allowing us to move faster to make real solar thermal solutions happen for the people who need them most.

Rexel Foundation becomes a Sponsor

Posted Wednesday 16 September 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

We are proud to announce that the Rexel Foundation for a Better Energy Future is reinforcing their support for the initiative by becoming a sponsor.

Learn more about their commitment to social entrepreneurship in our earlier blog post presenting them.

Rexel Foundation (Paris) is supporting us

Posted Monday 27 April 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

We are honored and happy to count the Rexel Foundation among our partners for the campaign and to be part of the Rexel Foundation Platform for social enterprises.

In the context of the Europeanization of its support platform for social entrepreneurship in the field of energy, the Rexel Foundation is very pleased to welcome and support a Finnish social enterprise. By providing solar concentrator and free construction guide, Gosol comes to strengthen the ambitious project of the platform to fight against fuel poverty and improve access to energy efficiency for all. Rexel Foundation

The Rexel Foundation is focused on energy efficiency supporting social entrepreneurs and solidarity. On their platform, they are connecting projects, entrepreneurs, sponsors, NGO, etc. and provide guidance. Created in 2013 and partnering with Ashoka, their target is to promote access to energy efficiency for all.

Presentation of the Foundation:

Presentation of the Platform:

SOS Energie, Burkina Faso

Posted Sunday 26 April 2015 by Eva Wissenz.

Vincent Nikiema, the President of SOS Energie Burkina Faso (SOSEB), is happy to support our campaign and we hope we can start together some field operation very soon.

SOS Energie was created in 2008 following a simple observation: in Burkina Faso 90% of deforestation is due to the use of wood as domestic fuel. The respiratory diseases caused by this situation are in part due to the use of in-house wood ovens, and are the fourth most often cause of mortality in our developing countries.

With this distressing observation and the need for economic vitality, SOS Energie Burkina Faso has the mission to develop alternative and sustainable solutions for cooking to save the trees... and it starts by using the right energy for every day life tasks.

SOS Energie won the UN Seed Award in 2010 and a National Energy Award, in 2012, for a briquettes project.

... Read whole article

GrowNYC Goes Solar

Posted Thursday 23 April 2015 by Lorin Symington.

We’re so happy to introduce our new partner GrowNYC, a non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs like the Governors Island Teaching Garden.

Plant, harvest and cook food while learning about sustainable practices. What a perfect home for one of’s 4sqM solar concentrators!

The Teaching Garden is an urban agriculture project where students The cooker is looking and working beautifully! On Wednesday we had a spectacularly clear day and so we used it with a group of students to saute beans from the garden. We put the beans, oil and spices in a frying pan and placed it on the cooker and then I had two students help use the lever to move the mirrors into place. Within a few seconds of aligning the mirrors, the beans started to sizzle. I wish you could have heard the gasps that the students all made when this process happened so quickly. Their minds we blown! It left into a wonderful discussion about the potential of harnessing the sun’s energy. 

Shawn with GrowNYC

Everyone at is excited to see what the students and GrowNYC cook up next!

Update: Another off-grid meal prepared by students at GrowNYC’s Teaching Garden. Every week, students from around NYC take field trips to the Teaching Garden and every week they are blown away by the power of the sun! — at Governors Island.

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