Empowering people with educational solar and entrepreneurship trainings tailored to youth, farmers and communities.






Empowering entrepreneurs with direct solar energy creates a lasting impact through jobs that keep on giving.

A massive change is needed to tackle climate change. With our cost-efficient, local and powerful solar concentrators we enable sustainable growth without emissions.

Through educational packages we enable trainees and users to rapidly adopt our technology and start creating value. Users get their solar concentrators combined with theoretical and hands-on training. Check below the solar baking experience and read here what users say about our solar tech.

During 2-3 weeks, they learn about solar entrepreneurship basis, maintaining the solar unit and how to run their baking, roasting or dehydrating activity.

At the end of the training, the trainees can run their business themselves, with full energy autonomy to grow and get creative! Check our Projects section to read more about concrete achievements and get all the spirit of our work in our Philosophy section

Enrich your capacity building and livelihood program with solar trainings.

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Our Model

Breaking energy poverty, providing reliable power sources.

In countries where incomes are low, fuel is expensive and electricity grids are missing or unstable, energy poverty creates a vicious cycle of deforestation, pollution, ill-health and low-income outcomes.

Energy is the foundation of all activity, and by creating technology that is cost-effective, adds value to products, outputs at commercial scales, and can be maintained by end-users or local artisans — using free and clean solar energy — it’s possible to radically increase income and well-being while reversing deforestation and increasing resilience to economic and environmental disruptions.

The Poverty Cycle

Breaking the Poverty Cycle





Solar Bakery: Bread and Pastries baked with the Lytefire 5 Oven

In East Africa our Lytefire 5 solar concentrators replace costly and unstable electricity, firewood and charcoal with direct solar energy. This powerful technology is a solid choice for baking up to 300°C / 572°F.

When it comes to performance, 1 Lytefire 5 can bake 500 cookies per day and 2 Lytefire 5 Ovens have the capacity to bake 80kg of bread per day.

On top of that, the Lytefire 5 is built using local materials so it can be fully maintained; all parts can be replaced and purchased in most towns and every city we’ve come across in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

One Lytefire 5, prevents up to 16 431 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

Bakers are already using the Lytefire 5 solar oven full-time in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

In Tanzania and Kenya, entrepreneurs are using our hybrid Lytefire 5 Oven/Roaster and can also roast peanuts, coffee and cocoa.

→ For bakers the Lytefire 5 Oven will soon be available on the market.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us using our contact form below so we can notify you when the Lytefire 5 is available in your region.

→ As an NGO, government, school or sponsor, get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate and spread the Lytefire 5 Oven and our other solutions for baking, roasting nuts & coffee, dehydrating plants, fish, veggies and fruits in order to empower more and more solar entrepreneurs with sustainable living.


“The Lytefire5 Oven is giving us 275 Kenyan shillings per day, but with the charcoal oven it’s only 75 shillings. That’s the difference.” -

Afros Otieno, Baker at Misire, Kenya.

Tasty, golden brown muffins, ready for sale in Uganda.


Lytefire 5 Solar Bakery


  • Can bake 500 cookies per day, 40 kg of bread per day
  • Up to 300°C baking temperature
  • Even heat distribution for high quality baking
  • Immune to blackouts and brownouts
  • No fuel costs (requires sunlight, but that’s free)


Want to buy the Lytefire Solar Oven? Visit Lytefire.com for the product.

(No funds asked at this stage)


Solar Baker David, Kenya.

Solar Baker #1: David Chepkwone

It was an exciting moment when David pulled out the first batch of freshly baked muffins from his Lytefire 5 Oven. This was back in 2016, and David continues to use the very same Lytefire 5 today!

Before working with the Lytefire 5, David used to spend money on electricity and charcoal. But the grid was so bad that he couldn’t develop his business properly. When the power was out he couldn’t bake, and with charcoal his product would be low-quality and his profit margins would be slim. With the launch of his solar bakery, David has been able to reduce his fuel costs and increase his output! The shiny Lytefire 5 also attracted many visitors to his rural bakery, and so he decided to open up a small cafe to sell snacks and beverages to the interested crowd.

With a clean energy source adapted to his needs, now David can be a creative and productive baker.

“Now we have the oven here, and it gives us direct
income. The impact is that we used to use the charcoal
oven which gave us hard times. We only use the sun,
the rays from the sun.”
- Martha Ochieng, Baker, Misire Group


Lytefire 5 Bakery in Tanzania (2018)

Lytefire 5 Bakery Trainings in Uganda (2019)


Solar Baker #2: Arnaud Crétot

GoSol CTO Arnaud Crétot.

Arnaud, our Chief Technical Officer, is a world class thermal engineer, software developer and has audited over 50 energy projects in Europe and Asia before joining GoSol to develop the Lytefire 5 energy solution.

But Arnaud is also a passionate baker and has recently completed a certificate course in artisan bread making. On top of that, he’s launching a new business solar roasting nuts in France.

With Arnaud we were able to engineer the Lytefire 5 from a real baker’s perspective and be able to understand the feedback and data from our bakers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. One of the key things we realized is that the knowledge needed to run a bakery successfully sometimes is missing, and to solve this we’ve developed a training course specifically to empower new entrepreneurs.

Just recently we completed the first training courses to equip and train new entrepreneurs. We are proud to report that the entrepreneurs we trained are still running sustainable solar bakeries and making profits with solar energy. We are excited because this finally is economic growth that reduces CO2 emissions instead of increasing it.







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